Short Stories

For Good Measure

House Hunting

Blink-Ink, 2022



Eunoia Review, 2022


Constrained by Love

K’in, 2022



The Centifictionist, 2022


Waiting on the World to Change

The Dribble Drabble Review, 2022



Penumbric Magazine, 2022



Propertius Press, Forthcoming in 2022



Daikaijuzine, 2022



Eunioia Review, 2022


Rhetoric 101

Paragraph Planet, 2021


A Visitation

Blink-Ink, 2021


Packing It In

Flash Fiction Magazine, 2021


Border Town

The Wild Word, 2021

Nominated for Best of the Net 2022


Lovely in the Dying Light

Tales of the Moonlit Path, 2021


Last Shift at Dollar Haven

Blink-Ink, 2021


Two Cups of Coffee

Litro Magazine, 2021



The Dribble Drabble Review, Forthcoming in 2021



Lowestoft Chronicle, 2021


Folie a Deux

Six Sentences, 2021


Agave Cotton

Six Sentences, 2021


August and All That

Fifty-Word Stories, 2021


Fairytale Wedding

Orca: A Literary Journal, PRINT ONLY Summer 2021 Edition


Cherry Bones

The Ekphrastic Review, 2021



Six Sentences, 2021



Third Wednesday Magazine, 2021


Lunch Ticket

Six Sentences, 2021


Something Blue

Fifty-Word Stories, 2021


The Calling

Fiction Kitchen Berlin, 2021


On the 495 North

Fifty-Word Stories, 2021


Full Moon

ActiveMuse Literary Journal, 2021


My Zaide's Golem

Six-Sentences, 2021


A Dish Best Served Cold

Friday Flash Fiction, 2021


The Two Sisters in the Louvre

The Ekphrastic Review, 2021


Distant, Socially

Reflex Press, 2021


The Blouse

Blue Animal Literature, 2021


By Dawn's Early Light

Fifty-Word Stories, 2021



Fifty-Word Stories, 2020



50 Give or Take, Vine Leaves Press, 2020



Microfiction Monday Magazine, 2020


All Hallows’ Eve

Club Plum Literary Journal, 2020


In a New York Market

Flash Fiction Magazine, 2020


Bar the Door

Adelaide Literary Magazine, 2020



Fifty-Word Stories, 2020


Seventeenth and Clay

Bridge Eight Press, 2020


I Know What You’re Going to Say

Dime Show Review, 2018


Vacation from it All

NanoText Contest, Second Place, Medusa’s Laugh Press, 2017